The light yellow powder is obtained from dried green mangoes. Just one teaspoon gives dishes a slightly sweet and sour note. Instead of amchoor, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice can also be used.

No chutney without fenugreek! The small yellowish seeds give pickles, chutneys and many vegetarian dishes a spicy flavour.

Cassia is also called Chinese cinnamon because its taste is reminiscent of cinnamon. However, it is clearly more intense.

Dried or fresh, green or red, chillies are used in many ways. The seeds are particularly hot. Dried chilli flakes are usually milder, while chilli powder is available in different degrees of heat. When seasoning with powder and flakes, you should therefore test carefully how much heat you like.

In India, many families have their own curry recipe, because curry powder is a mixture of different spices. Turmeric, chilli, pepper, cardamom, coriander, ginger, cumin, clove and nutmeg are not to be missed. Curry powder is available in different degrees of heat. In addition to curry powder, curry pastes are also popular for cooking.

Fennel seeds
Fennel seeds add a fine aniseed note to dishes that are seasoned with them. They are often used in hearty dishes and are often served after meals because they are easier to digest.

Garam Masala
Like curry, garam masala is a blend of spices. It contains: Cardamom, cloves, cumin, peppercorns, cinnamon and nutmeg. Many curry dishes are seasoned with garam masala.

Turmeric has a pleasantly mild aroma that is often used for lentil and vegetable dishes. A nice side effect: the spice gives the dishes a beautiful yellow colour.

In pure taste, cardamom is a mixture of ginger, lemon and eucalyptus and goes well with sweet and savoury dishes. It is offered ground and as capsules. The white capsules taste milder, which is why they are primarily used for sweet dishes. Black cardamom is used to flavour savoury dishes.

The light brown coriander seeds are reminiscent of orange and are used for sweet and savoury dishes.

It is a component of almost all Indian dishes. It is used whole or ground and gives dishes a spicy note. The special aroma is only released during roasting, which is why grains that are ground should be dry roasted briefly beforehand.

Mustard seeds
Roasted mustard seeds taste mild and nutty; crushed, they develop a pungent aroma. Mustard seeds are used in many vegetarian and rice dishes.

Tamarind, also called Indian date, tastes spicy and fruity and is used in paste or puree form in Indian cuisine. The fruit of the tamarind tree is also offered candied and spiced with chilli as a spicy confection.

Source: Essen & Trinken